Timber preparation and production

Timber preparation before building a home is an essential factor in quality assurance. We have accumulated more than 20 years of experience in woodworking.
-Selection of logs in the forest (24-40 cm at the slope).
We use trees cut in winter.
-Cut sawing and sorting (separating materials unfit for construction)
-Wood drying up to 18-22% humidity (wood sorting)
-Wood planing, milling and forging (end sorting)
In order to get the material for the construction of the house, in addition to the beam dryer with a computer controlled dryer for about 20-28 days, achieving a moisture content of no more than 18-22%.
Only consecutively and in good faith with all the possibilities of wood preparation stages so as to make a high quality raw material for the construction of the house.
We supply trees to Norwegian rocks to provide Norwegian house construction standard Bransjenorm for laftebygg, document no. KNL-002 ”.

2.Production process
The whole house production process takes place in closed spaces under the roof. Providing a smooth moisture regime for the timber and controlling the production process.
The construction of a wooden house is a creative process.
-Handmade work with modern technology
– A small amount of house production (8-12 homes per year) allows us to adhere strictly to technology
– Independent quality control and contact with the customer.