Assembly and service


To ensure legal and safe work, the house is collected by AS Kurland Hus, registered in Norway.
Employees are trained, equipped with all tools and transportation, insured, with ID card.

Brigade work (3-4 people) is managed by a professional and responsible job manager.

Average home-building time in Norway(Scandinavia ,EU) is:
– Carton mounting for 4-7 days
– Dense building -3 – 5 weeks (delivery, installation of the cottage, complete roof, windows and outdoor doors, terrace)

– Carpenter work 6-8 weeks, (addition to dense building + interior doors, floors, stairs, moldings, sauna)

After completion of the home and the signing of the takeover action, we will issue a detailed manual for home use and recommendation for proper use of the house.

Based on Norwegian legislation, we give a 5-year guarantee on the most important home designs.


One year after the house has been handed over, we will carry out a home inspection.
If necessary, we will carry out repairs.
Let’s make suggestions how to keep a wooden house in good condition for long years!
When operating a wooden house, some guttering must be observed, indoor microclimate is applied, tree growth on the roof is avoided, snow clutter is avoided, proper ventilation of the house and other rules.
After the house is handed over, we provide an inspection report with a detailed description of the proper operation of the building.
Based on material supplied by Norway or EU, we provide a 2-5 year warranty.